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HP Service Virtualization is the power tool for development and testing teams to remove delay-causing roadblocks. This visually intuitive software provides development and testing teams building composite applications with a flexible solution to remove constraints by virtualizing services within existing environments both onsite and in the cloud. By enabling parallel development and early functional testing, Service Virtualization eliminates wait times for teams delivering at Agile speed. And, HP Service Virtualization reduces costs, by eliminating the requirement for access to constrained business-critical infrastructure or pay-per-use cloud components for testing.

  • Remove wait times for constrained services and speed delivery
  • Reduce budgets required to run and manage complex test environments
  • Eliminate expenses from dev/test access to third-party services

Service Virtualization Features:

  • Reduce downtime risk by engaging quality early
  • Create functional and performance simulation models with the help of step-by-step wizards
  • Create simulations of real-world application behavior
  • Expose virtual services for parallel development and early functional testing

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