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HP ProLiant SL390s Gen7 Server

The HP ProLiant SL390s G7 Server is part of a new family, HP ProLiant SL6500 Scalable System, of HP server solutions optimized for scale-out customers to greatly reduce costs, maximize power efficiency, by sharing power supplies and fans, and maintain total flexibility. The SL390s G7 consists of three different, two socket, server trays, each with their own benefits.

The 1U half width tray is designed for compute density, and the 2U and 4U half width trays are designed for GPU density with support for up to 3 GPUs in the 2U and 8 GPUs in the 4U tray and the 2U tray with no GPUs can be configured for high performance/low latency enterprise workloads. They each use the same system board and go into the 4U HP ProLiant s6500 Chassis.

The SL390s G7 is a two socket Intel server with 12 DDR3 DIMM sockets, two 1 Gb Ethernet ports, one CX-2 based 10 Gb Ethernet port (SFP+) and an optional on board Infiniband CX-2 port (QSFP). The s6500 Chassis is 4U and can accommodate up to eight half width servers, all individually serviceable.

  • Outstanding Compute Performance and Low Latency
  • Compute and GPU Density
  • Enterprise Management & Chassis Redundancy and Efficiency

ProLiant SL390s Gen7 Features:

  • Support for one low latency ConnectX-2-based 10 Gb Ethernet port (SFP+) and optional QDR Infiniband port (QSFP). Support for two NC362i-based 1 Gb Ethernet ports
  • 1U half width tray offers compute density, offering twice the number of servers per U
  • Integrated Lights-Out 3 (iLO) allows powerful, hardware-based remote administration and control from a standard web browser to conserve valuable IT staff resources
  • Chassis uses shared power and cooling for better efficiencies

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