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HP OneView is the first software platform that creates a modern and integrated workspace for lifecycle management of HP Converged Infrastructure. HP applied the best experiences from the consumer world to the complex job of infrastructure management, so your IT team can work in a more natural and collaborative way.

This approach shifts your management focus from ‘how devices run’ to ‘how people work.’ With an unprecedented ease of use, you can deploy and manage your environment faster, at lower cost, and maximize productivity at any scale.

  • Has a contemporary web 2.0 design that delivers an instantly-familiar workspace for your entire IT team, along with a consistent view of your infrastructure.
  • Provides configuration profiles for push-button builds that instantly deliver resources without mistakes or variation.
  • HP OneView's fully programmable interface allows easy creation of customized workflows and scripts for your environment.

HP OneView Control Features:

  • Dashboard:See and understand the capacity and health status of every device in your data center, in one screen.
  • 3-D Thermal Map: Instantly track your power and cooling usage with color-coded mapping that shows where you're consuming the most.
  • Smart Search: With HP OneView search, you’re milliseconds away from finding your IT needle in the data center haystack.
  • Activity Feed: Get your notifications in human-speak. See what’s happening and where so you can take action now.

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